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Learning together "The Art of Paying attention"

- to our life and hearing God's voice through journaling and creativity.

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Work With Me

Ways we can work together

Come and be part of this creative community by joining an online group session, discuss an art commission or purchase some resources.


The Commissions

Creating something just for you, is a joy for me!

Simply provide me with a photo and choice or medium and I will bring your vision to life. Alternatively be inspired by my previous work for something custom.

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The Workshops

Do you find prayer one sided and sometimes hard or frustrating? 

Join us either online or in person to discover fresh ways to hear God's voice. See what others have said in the reviews below.

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The Store

A brand NEW resource to prompt you into fresh ways to hear God.

God speaks but listening can be tricky. If you want to grow your ability to hear God I encourage you enjoy these resources. There is a version available for each family member.

About Me.

Journaling and creativity, are for me, the art of paying attention to my life and my creator.

I'm Meredith, and I'm still trying to work out what I want to be when I grow up! Here's what I know for sure: I'm a creative soul who loves God. I'm married to an all-around good guy named Paul, and we have two beautiful daughters, Bronte and Capri.

The face behind the posts

Most of my working life has been connected to designing and creating things. It wasn't until I found myself working in an office full-time that I realised how essential creativity was to my healthy function.


During this time, I spend part of my Sunday afternoon "mucking around" making things to post to my daughter in Sydney. These short windows of creativity breathe life into me and my week, and I started to notice the negative effect on my life when I didn't find time to play. It was an AH HA moment!


- Testimonials -

MH Art 27.jpg

Doing this creative exercise helped shift a life-long damaging belief and will forever change my future.
From now on when I experience this damaging emotion/thought, I now have a new pathway and life-giving perspective to live from.

Louisa de Bruyn, TAS
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