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Website Launch

Do you ever get the sense that you just need to do the NEXT thing? You might not understand the why but it is clearly what you are meant to do next. This was the WEBSITE launch for me.

I had been fighting with the website for just over 9 months and all though I didn't feel ready God had other plans. We were doing this. And so the website is HERE.

Thanks to all those that gave feedback and support, don't stop now! I am still chipping away at seeing it take shape so let me know if something does not make sense or there are typo's, or you think I've missed something.

The day of the event was beautiful, made so much better with the pleasure of hosting these lovely humans. I was actually moved by this photo and all the smiling faces - my prayer was that each person left knowing a great sense of God's love for them. I hope that was the case, but I am convinced that they left being touched by joy, having fellowshipped together in a creative space with God.


MH Portrait Shoot 6_edited.jpg

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a bit of a story teller. Sometimes with words and just as often with images. My heart is to nurture and encourage creativity as a means of hearing God. 

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