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Journal HArvest

I'm pulling back the curtains in this post on more of my monthly journal harvest process - to the collection point of WORDS - it's the step prior to the Visual Harvest. (see the last post to catch up on this) After reading back over my journal entries I gather the things that stand out to me or repeat.

I have been using this template all year despite it being a bit rough. BUT getting the information down is far more important than it looking good. The template begins with the title THE STORY of……. and while I work monthly you might try quarterly or yearly to start with. Now don't go writing yourself off if you are not a journaler, this template could also be used anytime that you have some stuff you need to record. Working in bite size sections like this can be really helpful. If you’d like to download the template visit the Store on the website, you'll find ait under products but its FREE and ready for you to download.

Does regular journaling sound all too hard and big? Then strip it back to something that seems doable. What about just one word each month?? OR maybe you've set your sights on one verse of scripture a month. In just a short time you'll have a whole collection of words or verses and what a wonderful story they will tell.

When you are intentional about paying attention it shifts your focus, ….. All of a sudden you will be on the lookout, expectant and curious for your word, verse or image. Before you know it you will have learnt the ART of Paying Attention!

What will your monthly HARVEST be?


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